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With the help of this article, you will be able to have a broader understanding of best anti gel diesel additive, as I will be discussing the features, pros, and cons in detail. Other than that, make sure to read until the end.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to look for the anti gel diesel additive that best suited for you, no worries; I have you covered. I have put together here a list of the best anti gel diesel additive currently available.

Top 10 Best Anti Gel Diesel Additive

Reviews on 10 Top Rated Anti Gel Diesel Additive

If you are looking for the Best Anti Gel Diesel Additive, then any of these 10 would be a great choice for you.

Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel 1 Gallon, Amber (P403301G)
  • Hot Shot's Secret anti-gel diesel additive provides winter protection against freeze-ups, dramatically improves cold-temperature performance and contains a powerful cetane booster for a maximum improvement in performance, power and cold start speed.
  • This effective anti-gel additive significantly enhances cold-temperature performance and helps prevent the wax in fuel from clogging lines.
  • Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel is recommended for use in all diesel engines. The anti-gel formula provides lubricity, stability, winter operability, detergency and increased cetane number to standard diesel fuels.
  • Water freezes in the winter and may puddle throughout your fuel. These puddles then get carried through your system and freeze. Compromised diesel fuel can lead to diesel gelling in cold or freezing temperatures. At this stage, the fuel solidifies, obstructing flow.
Howes 103060 'Diesel Treat' Diesel Conditioner and Anti-Gel - 64 oz.
  • Howes specialDiesel Treat  formula has been tested and proven time and again to prevent gelling in even the coldest weather.
  • Particulate filter friendly and warranty safe for all diesel emission systems
  • Diesel Treat helps protect against today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels by providing added lubricity to injectors, pumps, and upper cylinders.
  • More than just an anti-gel, Diesel Treat also contains a specialized detergent package to help prevent fuel injector deposits. Carbon deposits on diesel injector systems can cause loss of engine power and other issues.
Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel 16 Ounce Squeeze Bottle
  • Lower The Pour Point To -65 Degree F
  • Prevent Gelling And Icing
  • Disperse Moisture
  • Increase Cetane Up To 7 Points
Lucas Oil 10866 Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Additive - 64 fl. oz.
  • Contains Real water dispersants to effectively remove moisture from the entire fuel system
  • Lowers the cold filter plugging point of ULSD and Biofuels
  • Prevents fuel thickening and gelling
  • No alcohol
  • Will not void warranties
Power Service 1025-12PK +Cetane Boost Diesel Fuel Supplement Anti-Freezer - 1 Quart, (Pack of 12)
  • Prevents fuel gelling
  • Protects against fuel-filter icing
  • Boosts cetin for faster cold starts
  • Contains Slick diesel Lubricator to protect fuel pumps and injectors from increased wear caused by poor quality Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel
  • Effective in all diesel fuels, including ULSD and biodiesel blends
Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Winter Anti-Gel 1 Quart Bottle 32 Ounce, Amber (P403332Z)
  • Lower the pour point to -65 Degree F. Reduce fuel line freeze ups down to -40 Degree F.
  • Fit type: Universal
  • Package Weight: 1.0 pounds
  • Included components: ANTI-GEL 1 QUART
Opti-Lube Winter Formula Anti-Gel Diesel Fuel Additive: 1 Gallon with Accessories, (1 Plastic Hand Pump and 2 Empty 8oz Bottles) Treats up to 512 Gallons
  • ENHANCED LUBRICATION: Our Winter Anti-Gel Formula is a multi-use additive designed to enhance diesel fuel’s lubricity and prevent it from gelling in cold weather.
  • CLEANS & PREVENTS RUST: This diesel fuel additive simultaneously cleans fuel injectors, prevents rust and corrosion, and reduces emissions.
  • STORAGE STABILITY: When used correctly, this formula can more than double your fuel’s storage life. Improves water separation through use of a demulsifier and can improve Cetane by up to 3 points.
  • COLD-WEATHER PERFORMANCE: Because it’s a preventative formula, the Opti-Lube Winter Formula should be used before gelling occurs. When used properly, it can keep your fuel flowing down to -40°F.*
  • TREAT UP TO 512 GALLONS: With this order, you’ll receive 1 gallon of the Opti-Lube Winter Formula with a plastic hand pump and 2 empty 8-ounce bottles for convenient storage.
STA-BIL Diesel Winter Ant-Gel - Prevents Fuel Gelling Down to -40 Degrees Fahrenheit - Cleans Injectors - Treats 250 Gallons of Diesel Fuel, 32 fl. oz. (15215)
  • Will prevent gelling down to -40° Fahrenheit
  • Removes water to help prevent corrosion
  • Lowers the cold filter plugging point as much as 36 degrees
  • Treats 250 gallons
  • Cleans Injectors


The article ends here, detailing the best anti gel diesel additive. However, the best option for each person will vary depending on their individual needs and preferences. But here, the products we have listed above, have great features and are highly rated by customers. So, I hope that it may have helped you finalize your decision to choose the best one for you.

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