Best Truck Tool Box Organizer Reviews

If you are searching for the best truck toolbox in the market, then you will love this guide.

We understand that the choice of the best truck tool boxes is huge in today’s market, and not everyone can make the best buying decision.

In light of this, we bring you products that matter to you. They all are high-quality truck toolboxes. We refuse to introduce you to anything else.

And you can go through our list to find the best truck toolbox for your automobile.

Best Truck Tool Box Comparison: Quick Look

Truck Tool Boxes BrandMaterialColorDimensions (inches)Price
YaheetechAluminum Silver 30 x 13 x 10Check Latest Price
Montezuma SteelBlack 30.75 x 15.75 x 18.23Check Latest Price
Weather Guard 127502Aluminum Black 71.5 x 20.2 x 18.5Check Latest Price
Dee Zee 6535PPlastic Poly Black 13 x 35 x 14Check Latest Price
Brait BR302Aluminum Silver 30 x 13 x 13Check Latest Price
UnderCover SwingCaseABS Plastic Black 16 x 8.5 x 34Check Latest Price
Trinity TXKPGR-0502Steel Gray 36 x 16 x 18.5Check Latest Price
DU-HA 70200Polyethylene Black 55 x 9.8 x 10Check Latest Price
Weather Guard 121501Aluminum Black 74 x 22 x15.5Check Latest Price
UWS TBSM36Aluminum Silver 41 x 14 x 13Check Latest Price
Lund 288272Aluminum Black 34.4 x 12.6 x 6.7Check Latest Price
Buyers ProductsPlastic Poly Black 44 x 19 x 17.25Check Latest Price

Top 12 Truck Tool Box Reviews

Now, let’s have a look and analyze at some of the top rated truck tool boxes on the market:

1. Yaheetech Aluminum Tool Box – Best for the money

Yaheetech is the best affordable truck toolbox on the market. Durable, lightweight, and sturdy, it is the best truck toolbox for the money.

The toolbox is engineered from 1.3 mm aluminum in a solid construction in the chrome finish. The box measures 30 by 13 by 10 inches.

It is a spacious box that measures 29.1 by 12.2 by 9.6 inches on the inside. This is adequate space for holding wrenches and screwdrivers among other convenient tools for your outdoor use.

It comes with a safety design that features a reinforcement ring hoop. Also, the design of the inner buckle helps to protect your hand from cuts.

It is one of the most versatile toolboxes in our listing. It has two strong side handles for portability. You can bring the Yaheetech to a job site thanks to its useful handles.

The Yaheetech has an over-lapping lid structure that prevents leakages in wet conditions, ensuring that your items are well-protected from the rain.

The only thing that may be disappointing about this chest is its depth, which may not be adequately deep for some truck owners.

2. Montezuma Portable Tool Box

If you are searching for a high-quality truck toolbox organizer, look no further than the Montezuma. It is designed to hold both S.A.E tools as well as metrics.

It is revolutionary in its style for carrying lots of tools on the go. It comes in different sizes and colors for preference and convenience. With a measurement of 30.75 inches wide and 15.75 inches deep, you will hardly complain about the size. The superior size comes with a solid construction made of 16-Ga steel with welded seams.

This chest has plenty of spots for deep sockets as well as shallow sockets. It has numerous hanging places for your screwdrivers and a reversible ratcheting wrench set.

The Montezuma multi-tiered design features an inner gas spring that raises the socket tray to reveal additional underneath storage for your tools.

Another impressive attribute that you will love about this toolbox is the triangular lid design. The lid locks in position and prevents your tools from bouncing when driving off-road.

Montezuma toolbox provides you with maximum job site security; it will latch, lock, and secure perfectly. The box is integrated with a dual-pin lock system that ensures your tools are safe in the garage or at the job site.

The toolbox is equipped with weather-stripping that develops a tight seal, which prevents the entry of moisture and dust.

You will hardly face any challenges with this toolbox. However, the latch may fail to work after using the box for a while.

Montezuma – ME300B – 30-Inch Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox – Multi-Tier Design – 16-Gauge Construction – SAE and Metric Tool Chest – Weather-Resistant Toolbox – Lock and Latching System, Black, 30" Wide x 15" Deep
  • Durable tool storage chest: The Montezuma portable TRIANGE tool storage chest is made for the tradesperson who demands durability, reliability, and long-lasting integrity to protect their valuable tools.
  • Keeps tools organized: The portable tool chest for work trucks utilizes a multi-tiered design that allows you to see your tools at a glance, access them easily, and keep them well-organized.
  • Heavy-duty steel toolbox: The tool storage chest is made from high-quality steel with professionally welded seams (not spot welded) and assembled with precision. This keeps your SAE or metric tools safe and extends the lifespan of your toolbox.
  • Gas springs for easy access: The toolbox is built with gas springs that raise the lid and socket tray when unlatched for easy tool storage and access to storage underneath.
  • Weather resistant: Montezuma manufactures our toolboxes and storage equipment to stand up against the elements. We include a water-resistant seal on the lid to protect your valuable tools against dust and moisture.
  • 16-Ga. steel construction with welded seams, no spot welding
  • Lid secures tools in position when closed even in a mobile environment, the efficient tool arrangement puts tools at your fingertips and every tool has its place

3. Weather Guard 127502 Aluminum Saddle Box

This is one of the highly recommended pickup truck tool boxes in the market. It comes with a unique design that will conform to the shape of your pickup. It is also one of the largest chests, measuring 71.5 by 20.25 by 18.5 inches.

This heavy-duty saddle box is made of aluminum with a black finish.

The welds on the box are remarkable; you won’t be disappointed.

Unlike most toolboxes in the market, the Weather Guard comes with a highly reliable protection locking system, which includes a push-button mechanism. You can easily unlock the chest by pushing the button.

The interior provides maximum organization, including a removal parts bin and an adjustable metal tray (which you can slide from one end to another if there are no other items in the box). It also has a level holder, which allows easy access to the level.

The Weather Guard is fitted with a full weather seal that keeps your tools moisture-free when the chest is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The only thing that you will probably complain about is the paint, which may bubble or drip, especially on the top lid.

Weather Guard - 127-5-02 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box
  • Full weather seal keeps moisture out even in extreme weather conditions
  • Convenient attachment points preserve your ability to secure materials and larger tools in truck bed | Extreme protection locking system protects against break-ins
  • "Easy Find" organization includes adjustable metal tray, removable parts bin and level holder | Automotive style rotary latch features smooth 'one touch' opening
  • Fits styles – Bed | Side | Dually | Full | Specifications – 18.5” H x 71.5” L x 20.25” W | Electrical Access | Side Box Option | Weather Seal
  • Fits vehicles – Chevrolet Silverado 1500/2500/3500 | Ford F-150/250/350 | GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 | Nissan Titan | RAM 1500/2500/3500 | Toyota Tundra | Beds with a length of – 5 ft. 6” to 5 ft. 8” / 6 ft. 1” / 6 ft. 4” / 6 ft. 6” / 6 ft. 7” / 6 ft. 9” / 7 ft. & 8 ft.

4. Dee Zee 6535P Plastic Poly Utility Chest Tool Box

If you are searching for a polyurethane storage chest that can withstand hard knocks, then look no further than the Dee Zee 6535P.

The plastic poly will not crush, dent, tear, crack, or puncture easily.

The heavy-duty frame latticework in the inside and double-walled lid provides the chest with extra torsional rigidity when too much weight is exerted on it. You should not worry about it deforming when it falls off the truck.

The locking system of the chest is reliable. All you have to do is slip a padlock in one of the two adjoining tabs to secure all the tools in the chest.

If you are looking for the best all-purpose chest at an affordable price range, you need the Dee Zee 6535P. This is the ideal chest for beach trips thanks to its foam sealed lid that insulates the interior temperatures.

One of the major concerns we have about this toolbox is the installation. Basically, you will have to drill into the bed of your truck in order to get it properly mounted. Otherwise, you will have to do a number of modifications to get it glued to your truck bed.

Also, your choice of padlocks should be smaller. Bigger padlocks may make it easier for someone to get unrestricted access to your tools.

Dee Zee 6535P 35" x 13" x 14" Plastic Poly Utility Chest Tool Box
  • Classic Raised Brite-Tread Pattern
  • Rigid Frame Resists Warping
  • Molded Locking Tabs
  • Double Walled Lid

5. Brait BR302 Aluminum Tool Box

The Brait BR302 provides your ATV truck with a one-piece toolbox design with superior strength. Fewer seams mean less exposure to leaks and more overall strength.

The heavy-duty tread plate 1.5 mm aluminum construction performs very well against elements. The interior and exterior of the box feature abrasion resistant powder coated finish, which is also corrosion and rust resistant.

The chest is incorporated with a rubber weather seal, which creates a tight barrier all-round the lid, keeping out moisture, dust, and dirt. The strong seal protects your tools from all the elements.

The unique design comes with an easy one-hand entry, which allows you to open or close the top with minimal effort. This makes loading and unloading of the chest remarkably easy. Also, the lid opens ninety degrees with gas mounted lifts.

One of the things that seem off about this top aluminum toolbox is the latch, which seems to be the only one located in the middle. And no rods are running from one end of the box to the other for added security.

Brait BR302 Aluminum Tool Box for ATV Storage Truck Pickup RV, 30" L, Silver
  • Pickup/truck toolbox
  • Stainless steel t bar lock
  • Rubber weather seal to resist dust and water
  • The lid/top might take additional 1 1/4 inch in open position, depending on installation
  • 1.5 mm aluminum tread plate construction

6. UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box – Best for 1999-2014 Ford F-150 Drivers Side

UnderCover SwingCase provides you with the finest pickup truck tool boxes for different pickup models.

The SC201D fits perfectly on the driver’s side of the 1999-2014 Ford F-150; the SC400P fits the passenger side of the 2007-2019 Toyota Tundra, and the SC300D fits the driver’s side of the 2002-2018 Dodge Ram.

The UnderCover SwingCase toolbox provides a unique solution for truck owners with limited truck bed space. This chest is able to tuck right in along the side of your truck bed.

The fact that it is contoured allows it to go over your wheel well, locking it into place and out of your way. All you have to do to get to the chest is pull the lever, and out it will come. When you do not need the case in the truck, just pull it out of the hinge and store it in the garage.

The UnderCover SwingCase is made of ABS plastic material, which is sturdy and lightweight. It is rated to hold 75 pounds, which is adequate enough for most of your tools.

In fact, you can maximize your truck bed with two SwingCase toolboxes, because the case is available for both the passenger and the driver’s side.

There are other cool features on this product. It has a lid that is contoured and lockable, keeping your tools safe from external elements. It does also have cup holders on the upper side.

You should be careful with the latch; though. It may break after a few months of use.

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC201D | Fits 1999 - 2014 Ford F-150 Drivers Side , Black
  • Fits 1999 - 2014 Ford F-150 Drivers Side
  • TRUCK BED COVER COMPATIBLE ; The UnderCover SwingCase maintains a 3-inch clearance from the truck bed and works with virtually all tonneau covers: soft, hard, folding, and rolling
  • ULTIMATE ACCESSIBILITY ; This toolbox swings out nearly 180° towards you for easy access from the tailgate and swings back into a locking position over the wheel well for maximum bed access
  • SECURE STORAGE SOLUTION ; The SwingCase has a key-lockable lid and can hold up to 75 lbs. of cargo. It features an organizational tray, as well as a moisture seal to help keep contents dry and protected against the elements

7. Trinity TXKPGR-0502 Job Site Box

Trinity is one of the best truck toolbox brands to consider when you want to buy a high-quality job site box. The Trinity TXKPGR-0502 is designed with additional capacity, which provides you with adequate space for your tools.

The Trinity’s chest is available in two size options (36” and 45”), providing you with adequate capacity for carrying all the tools you need to your job site.

The box is engineered from highly reinforced steel, which is strong and durable, making it ideal for the toughest jobs. It has a matte powder coated finish that is corrosion and rust resistant.

One of the most admirable features of this job site box is its tamper-proof locking system. All you need is a heavy-duty padlock, which ensures that your tools are well-secured.

The chest is fitted with gas mounted lifts for effortless opening and closing. The lid opens up almost ninety degrees, allowing you easy access to your belongings.

You can easily install the box by bolting it on the bed of your truck. It also has industrial strength recessed handles, which make it easy for you to lift the box from one location to another.

TRINITY TXKPGR-0502 Job Site Box, 36", Gray
  • Matte gray rust-resistant powder coated finish
  • (2) - Gas mounted lifts for easy open and slow close
  • 10,368 cu in of storage space
  • 3.5 cu ft volume capacity
  • Tamper-proof locking system (padlock NOT included)
  • Forklift accessible
  • Can be bolted to truck bed or any surface

8. DU-HA 70200 Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Unit

The DU-HA 70200 is another amazing truck toolbox organizer for a pickup truck. This is a great choice for the 1500 Chevy Silverado.

This chest provides an easy way to store all of your tools. It is incorporated with two dividers that help to organize the interior of the box.

The chest installs above the wheel well of the bed of your pickup truck. You can install the box in two ways; with the lid facing outwards or inwards.

You can adjust the height of the bracket by moving it downwards or upwards depending on your preference. This also allows you to fit it underneath roll-up covers and tonneau covers.

The DU-HA Humpstor is the ideal truck toolbox with gun storage. It can accommodate one rifle with a scope or two shotguns in an upright position.

It has lockable latches at the middle and the sides to help protect your tools, shotguns, and other belongings from unauthorized access.

You will experience issues with the center latch if you install the box with the lid opening towards the bed. Another issue that you will probably be concerned about is the depth of the box. It may not be the ideal choice if you are planning to carry taller items in an upright position.

DU-HA 70200 Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Unit/Tool Box/Gun Case
  • Mounts above the wheel well in pickup truck beds and provides useful in-bed storage without taking away valuable floor space
  • Fits underneath toppers, tonneaus, and roll up covers
  • Acts as a legal gun case in most states and holds 2 shotguns or 1 rifle with scope
  • Lockable latches help protect belongings from theft
  • Easily installs using brackets (included) that clamp to the lip of the bed rail; brackets can be adjusted up or down to your height preference

9. Weather Guard 121501 – Best Low Profile Saddle Box

Weather Guard has an expert line of truck storage solutions. The Weather Guard 121501 is the best low-profile truck toolbox on the market.

Contractors of all sizes can benefit from the high performance and durability of the Weather Guard 121501.

This model provides you with an extremely secure place to store your tools, protecting them from inclement weather conditions as well as theft.

The chest provides you with industry-leading features, which you will hardly find in conventional truck toolboxes.

It has a tamper-resistant lock that retracts ninety degrees when opened. The ergonomic horizontal orientation design allows easy opening with one hand.

The Weather Guard 121501 has a full weather seal that guarantees that your tools will remain protected in extreme weather conditions by sealing the inside of the box from moisture and dust.

The box is also integrated with a reduced clearance cover that allows you to install the chest closer to the end of the bed, maximizing usable bed storage space.

The only issue with this product is the packaging, which does not provide maximum protection for the toolbox during shipping.

Weather Guard 121501 Aluminum Low Profile Saddle Box
  • Tamper-resistant, retracting EXTREME PROTECTION Lock helps protect against break-ins
  • 90 degree cover opening for easy access
  • Automotive-style rotary latch features smooth one-touch opening
  • Full weather seal protects against the elements
  • 12 volt access for electrical up-fits

10. UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box

The UWS TBSM36 provides a resourceful storage solution for tradesmen and professional workers at a great value. It is the best toolbox for your camping tools.

The chest features aluminum construction, which is not only sturdy and durable but also corrosion and rust resistant.

The box mounts perfectly on the inside of your truck bed rails, providing extra storage space. This provides you with adequate space to haul other cargo, such as your camping gear.

The box has a superior stainless steel lock system, which keeps all your valuables safe from thieves. The rigid core lid opens conveniently to ninety degrees for easy operation as well as loading.

One of the amazing features of this box is the welding; the tub is soldered together, making it sturdier (for holding heavy tools) and completely waterproof (for extreme weather conditions).

There are a few things that you might dislike about this product.

Firstly, the box is too narrow for wider tools. Secondly, the mounting gear is not included in the package.

UWS TBSM36 Side Mount Truck Box
  • Easy-to-operate, dual-locking twist handles offer strength and maximum security
  • Connecting rod allows for convenient operation from driver or passenger side
  • Interior rod enclosure helps prevent bending or jamming of lock system

11. Lund 288272 Challenger Series Brite ATV Front Storage Box

The Lund 288272 ATV front storage toolbox is designed for a truck owner who wants to save space, and at the same provide additional storage in the truck bed.

This chest is constructed from heavy-duty diamond plate aluminum material, which is strong, durable, rust-free, and corrosion resistant.

The box comes with a black powder coating that is fade and cracks resistant.

It is fitted with stainless steel latches that have double post hooks for maximum security. It will be extremely hard for someone to break in with a wrecking bar.

The only thing that you will probably not like about this toolbox is the seal, which does not perform very well in extreme weather conditions.

Lund 288272 Challenger Series Brite ATV Front Storage Box , Black
  • Durable diamond plate aluminum construction keeps tools and other equipment safe and secure
  • Black powdercoat finish resists cracking and fading
  • Stainless steel latches with double post hooks provide security

12. Buyers Products Black Poly All-Purpose Chest

If you are searching for the best all-purpose chest with a large capacity, you should probably consider the Buyers Products Chest.

This box is available in five different sizes for preference.

The chest is made of molded material that will not corrode, rust, or dent. The whole design is remarkably lightweight and portable.

It has a top opening lid with a couple of zinc fasteners that mount to the floor of your truck bed, garage, or trailer. You can use padlocks or combination locks to secure the zinc hasps.

There is no doubt that this is a spacious, tough, and durable toolbox. However, the zinc hasps/fasteners may easily pop off if subjected to excessive pressure.

Buyers Products 1712240 Buyers Products-1712240, Black Poly, Cubic Feet all-purpose chest, 6.3 cu. ft
  • All Purpose Chest: Your items will stay secure in this dent-resistant polyethylene chest with a double-wall hinged lid; Get increased durability in a lightweight chest that is also rust-resistant
  • Specs: The chest is designed to mount securely to your trailer frame; It helps protect its contents from weather and theft with a double-wall lid and a hinge with zinc-plated hasp that fits standard padlocks

Why Buy a Truck Tool Box?

You can best understand why you need a truck toolbox if you know what it is, to begin with. A truck toolbox is a storage chest that is usually mounted on a truck bed or rails.

Truck toolboxes are normally vehicle-specific. Therefore, you cannot just buy any box and expect it to fit in your truck or SUV.

For example, the UnderCover SwingCase has three different truck storage boxes for three separate vehicle models:

  • UnderCover SwingCase SC201D for the 1999-2014 Ford F-150
  • UnderCover SwingCase SC400P for the Toyota Tundra
  • UnderCover SwingCase SC300D for the 2002-2018 Dodge Ram

A truck toolbox is a necessary kit for tradesmen, professional workers, and truck owners working with tools. It provides a waterproof and safe place to store your screwdrivers, wrenches among other tools.

why you need a truck toolbox

Here are the major reasons why you need to buy the best truck toolbox:

  • Better Organization

You cannot let your tools roam all over the bed of your truck, which would be messy. You can avoid such a problem by buying a well-built truck toolbox organizer.

A toolbox will allow you to organize all your tools in one place, including wrenches, combination spanners, punches, chisels, screwdrivers, brushes, pliers, workshop tools, and locking pliers.

With all your tools in one place, you will know exactly where to find what you need, making tool retrieval remarkably easy.

  • Security

If you are a truck owner, you know exactly how pricey tools can be.

In fact, some tools are pretty hard to find. Therefore, you need the security provided by a truck toolbox.

The finest truck tool chests come with superior locking systems, and some allow you to use padlocks to improve security.

For example, Weather Guard Aluminum truck tool boxes come with extreme protection locking systems that are pretty hard to break into.

  • Protection Against Elements

Most car repair tools are crafted from metal, and as you know metal is corrosive when exposed to water. Therefore, you cannot just leave your tools exposed to environmental elements.

But if you store them in a heavy-duty, waterproof truck tool chest, the tools will be well-secured from moisture and rain. This will ensure that your tools are free of rust and corrosion.

  • Adequate Space for Outdoor Excursion

Are you an enthusiastic camper, fisher, or outdoorsman? If you are, you will certainly need the best toolbox for your camping tools, fishing gear, and so on.

Most truck tool chests are not only spacious, but they are well-organized by dividers. This allows you to carry most of your outdoor gear.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Truck Tool Box

Tool kits for cars, trucks and tractors

It sounds so simple on the surface: buy a truck toolbox and throw stuff in it. Well, it is almost that easy, but keep the following factors in mind when shopping for the best truck toolboxes. This way, you will be able to choose the ideal model that is specific to your truck.

Tool Box Type

The very first thing that you should consider is the type of truck toolbox you want to buy with respect to the model of your truck.

  • Hi-Side Box

Hi-side chests mount on the top of your truck bed rails. They help to the maximum organization as well as productivity without compromising bed space. These boxes free up more space, allowing you to carry more tools.

Some hi-side boxes are fitted with multiple drawers, which you can use to organize your tools with respect to their size. This type of toolbox is the last one you will ever need.

  • Lo-Side Box

This type of truck toolbox is installed on the top of the bed inner-side walls to free bed space for storing bulkier items. Low-side chests are built, engineered, and designed to stay out of your way. They offer the maximum low-profile organization.

In most cases, this type is preferred for storing long equipment and tools. You can even pair two low-side boxes to create more storage capacity.

  • Storage Drawers

The most popular storage drawers are the ones fitted below the truck bed. Drawers provide you with the convenience of a truck toolbox, and at the same time allow you to make full use of the bed for large items storage.

Usually, storage drawers are sturdy and strong. They can hold a lot of weight and they will not collapse easily under pressure. Storage drawers are convenient because they provide room for maximum organization.

  • Crossover Boxes

Some of the best truck tool boxes on the market are crossover boxes.

They have a solid one-piece construction that runs from side to side.

The edges of a crossover box sit on the side rails of the truck.

A crossover chest mounts lower on the truck bed, providing sufficient storage space. The low-profile design of this type of box allows you an unobstructed view from the cab.

  • Chest Boxes

This type of truck tool box mounts directly on the truck bed, but there is no contact with the sides. This type of box usually fits under certain tonneau covers and will not obstruct your view from the cab.

  • Wheel Well Boxes

A wheel well truck tool box mounts behind the wheel well. This allows you to use the entire truck bed for hauling cargo. They are available for both the passenger and driver side installation, and they will hardly interfere with tonneau covers.

  • Tailgate Boxes

This type of truck toolbox is usually attached to a truck’s tailgate. When you lower the tailgate, the toolbox swings down.

  • Fifth Wheel Boxes

These truck tool boxes sit flat on the truck bed of your pickup. They have a shape that can house a fifth wheel. Regardless of the shape these toolboxes take, they will not block a fifth wheel hitch post.

Tool Box Style

Low Profile: This is one of the most popular truck toolbox styles on the market. A low-profile box increases visibility, allowing you to look through the rearview without any obstacles when turning the fifth wheel.

Deep: Deep truck tool boxes provide more depth for storage of taller items, but they may not be suitable to use with tonneau covers.

Wedge: This type of toolboxes are triangular in cross-section, and they usually have a low profile.

Wide: Wide truck tool boxes offer more width (20+ inches) for storage of wider items. They are normally easy to install.

Narrow: This style of the toolbox has a narrow size for people who want a long-lasting, lockable chest that consumes minimum truck bed space.

Tool Box Opening Style

Truck toolboxes come with different opening styles. The most popular ones are:

Door Opening Style: As the name suggests, this opening style involves a door, which you have to open by pulling outwards. Some toolboxes come with double doors that open in opposite directions.

Drawer Opening Style: This type of opening allows you access to your tools by sliding the drawer in and out.

Gull Wing Opening Style: Toolboxes with this opening style have a double lid, which opens upwards from the center. The gullwing opening allows you easy access to the bottom of your truck toolbox.

Lid Opening Style: Most truck tool boxes come with a lid opening, which usually opens upwards. Some toolboxes have two lid openings, such as gullwing boxes.

Tool Box Door QTY

Door QTY is one of the most crucial factors to take into consideration. Door QTY does determine the size of the toolbox you are buying. Here are the most popular door quantities you would come across on the market:

  • Single Door QTY: A truck tool box with a single door QTY features only one door.
  • Double Door QTY: A truck tool box with a double door QTY features two doors; for examples, a double gull wing tool box.
  • Multiple Door QTY: As the name suggests, the truck tool box has multiple doors, including double doors and drawers.

Tool Box Material

Best truck tool boxes are mainly engineered from four main materials: stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and plastic. There are merits and demerits to each of these materials.

  • Aluminum

You will find the best affordable truck toolbox made of diamond plate aluminum. This material is affordable, non-slip, and tough. It will also compliment the back of your rig.

When compared to steel, aluminum has a superior strength-to-weight ratio. It is lightweight, tough, and more secure.

Diamond plate aluminum does not rust or corrode over time.

Therefore, boxes made of this material are highly durable.

  • Steel

Truck tool boxes made of still are not that popular. When compared to aluminum, steel is heavier and prone to corrosion and rust.

However, modern steel truck tool boxes feature powder coated finish for protection against rust and corrosion. But the protective coating can easily be damaged when scratched.

  • Stainless Steel

This particular material combines the features of aluminum and steel, which include rust resistance, rigidity, and toughness.

Typically, stainless steel truck tool boxes are the most expensive on the market. The expensive nature of stainless steel boxes makes them less common.

  • Plastic

Apart from aluminum, stainless steel, and steel, some truck toolbox manufacturers use plastic (poly). Plastic toolboxes are anti-corrosive, lightweight, and affordable. But they are not durable as aluminum, stainless steel, and steel toolboxes.

Tool Box Fitment

One of the attributes that you must never overlook when shopping for the best truck toolbox for your truck is fitment.

Vehicle Specific: You need to buy a truck toolbox that fits your vehicle model. For example, the UnderCover SwingCase SC201D toolbox is a perfect fit for the 1999-2014 Ford F-150.

Universal Fit: Universal truck tool boxes are compatible with multiple trucks. One of the popular brands that produce universal fit toolboxes is Weather Guard. You can also consider Unique Truck Accessories.

Tool Box Finish Color

The best truck toolbox brands come with a neutral color or polished metallic finish. Neutral colors include white, black, or gray.

Polished metallic finishes are more durable, and they are very effective at protecting metallic truck tool boxes from premature rusting and corrosion.

Lock System and Its Durability

The most popular lock systems used by most truck tool box manufacturers are latches, which include:

  1. Padlock latches: Features a shut-and-go design, which is convenient for daily use
  2. Spring latches: A suitable choice for truck owners who want to engage and disengage securely and quickly
  3. T-handle latches: Features a lock and key design, which is remarkably easy to use
  4. Compression latches: They are installed with an adjustable cam and a T-handle

When shopping for security disc padlocks choose super-secure padlocks. Most padlock manufacturers provide a wide range of locks to meet the compromise between your monetary budget and your security requirements.

If you are interested in maximum security regardless of the price, you should check out at least one of the top-end, industrial-grade, can’t kill it with a hammer padlocks.

Tool Box Security

The best truck bed toolbox for your vehicle is the one with exceptional security. You need a locking system that will protect your tools or belongings from theft.

Tool Box Security

You need a locking system that is extremely hard to break into. The box should feature a more precise, tighter fit that does not leave any room for inserting a pry bar.

Therefore, the box you buy should have a top-quality security disc padlock or hard-to-break latches. The locks should have anti-pick and anti-drill protection.

Weather Resistance

Not unless you will be covering the back of your pickup truck with a tonneau cover, then your toolbox will be exposed to rain and moisture. Therefore, you need a weather-proof truck toolbox.

The best waterproof truck bed storage box must have a water seal that goes all-round the box. Most manufacturers include an all-around rubber seal that ensures no moisture gets in when the lid or door of the box is closed.

Scratch Resistance

This is the ability of a truck toolbox to withstand mechanical actions, such as scratching and rubbing. Scratch resistance is basically determined by the hardness of the box material, including the finish or coating.

The truck toolbox you choose should have a high-quality powder coated finish that enhances a scratch-free surface and keeps the chest safe from water, rust, and corrosion.

Load Capacity

Truck toolboxes have different load capacities, which depend mainly on the type and material of the box. You have to choose a box that will support the weight of your tools when moving the box from your truck to the garage or job site.

If you have simple vehicle repair tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers, then you need a smaller box that weighs around 50 pounds. However, if you will be carrying lots of tools and accessories on your truck, you would probably need a larger capacity (100+ pounds).

Storage drawers that fit underneath the truck bed do usually have a larger capacity that exceeds 500 pounds.

Tool Box Pricing

As we have seen, there are so many factors to consider. However, you will only be able to choose the ideal model if you consider your budget and the pricing of the box you want.

Luckily for you, truck tool boxes are available at a wider range of prices. You can pick a truck toolbox with respect to your needs, quality, and budget.

The most affordable boxes are normally made of plastic followed by steel and aluminum. Stainless steel boxes are usually very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Truck Tool Box FAQs

What is a truck box?

This is a box, cabinet, or chest for holding/storing tools, such as wrenches and screwdrivers.

What is a crossover toolbox?

A crossover truck toolbox is a design that mounts behind the cab of your pickup. The edges of the box sit on the sides of the truck bed.

Some crossover boxes that are mounted on top of the bed rails can slide from one end to the other.

This type of toolbox is compatible with specific types of the tonneau cover. Crossover toolboxes that do not sit directly on the truck bed may be compatible with the bed mat and bed liner.

What are truck tool boxes made of?

Most pickup truck toolboxes are made of aluminum since it is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, durable, and fairly priced.

Steel and plastic materials are also used in the construction of truck toolboxes. Boxes made of steel are stronger, but susceptible to corrosion when scratched. Plastic toolboxes are anti-corrosive and cheap, but less durable.

Stainless steel toolboxes are less popular since they are extremely expensive compared to the other materials.

What size do you need?

Be sure of the size of your ideal truck toolbox before you make an investment. Usually, truck bed toolboxes are specified as full-size or down-size.

  • Examples of full-size trucks are F150s, Rams, Sierras, Silverados, Titans, and Tundras
  • Examples of down-size trucks are Rangers, Canyon, Colorado, Frontiers, and Tacoma

Truck bed tool boxes may come with more than one measurement, depending on the type of box. For example, there are three measurements to consider when shopping for a crossover truck bed toolbox (asymmetrical): the length of the upper part that rests on the rails, the length of the part that sits on the bed, and the depth of the box.

When it comes to symmetrical truck tool boxes, you should focus on the height, depth, and width. The ideal size is one that matches the measurements of the bed of your truck.

How do I measure my truck for a toolbox?

  1. You will need a tape measure for this particular task.
  2. Measure the exterior width of your truck bed from one side rail to the other
  3. Measure the interior width of the bed from one side to the other
  4. Measure the height of the truck bed
  5. Measure the length from the bulkhead to the tailgate
  6. Compare the above measurements with the ones of the truck tool box you are planning to buy
  7. Do not overestimate or underestimate the measurements or else the mounting holes may be out of alignment

How are truck tool boxes measured?

Truck toolboxes are measured with respect to their type and style.

Most truck bed toolboxes are symmetrical, but there are a few that are asymmetrical such as a crossover box. A crossover toolbox has more measurements to consider than a chest, a low-side, or a hi-side box.

How wide is a full-size truck toolbox?

A typical full-size truck bed toolbox should measure around four feet wide.

Are truck tool boxes universal?

No, they are not. There are two fitments for truck bed tool boxes:

vehicle-specific and universal fit. Vehicle-specific designs are compatible with specific trucks or SUVs; while universal-fit toolboxes are compatible with a given range of vehicles.

For example, UnderCover SwingCase and Dee Zee manufacture vehicle-specific truck bed toolboxes.

Basically, the measurements of one truck cannot be the same as the measurements of another not unless they are of the same model. For example, you cannot mount a crossover toolbox of a 2017 Toyota Tacoma on a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado.

Are truck tool boxes waterproof?

Yes, at least most of them. The best truck toolbox brands equip their toolboxes with waterproof seals (such as rubber seals) that help to seal out moisture and elements when the lid or door is closed.

How safe is a toolbox for storing tools?

The security of a toolbox depends mostly on the material and the type of the locking system. The best truck toolbox comes with a super-safe locking system that guarantees the safety of your tools.

Can you paint a truck toolbox?

Yes, you can.

Most truck owners have aluminum truck tool boxes because they are lightweight and affordable. However, the aluminum oxide coating on these boxes may wear off after some time, and your toolbox won’t be protected against rust and corrosion.

The best thing you can do is paint your truck bed toolbox to reinforce its waterproof and weatherproof protection. However, you must prepare your box for painting, or else you may end up with a poor finish that may crack or peel under extreme conditions.

Which truck toolbox lasts the longest?

According to our research, the most durable material is stainless steel. A stainless steel truck toolbox combines the corrosion resistance of aluminum and the toughness and rigidity of steel.


Choosing the best truck toolbox in 2019 may not be as simple as you would have imagined. There are many factors to consider, including toolbox type, style, opening system, door QTY, capacity, material, fitment, and finish color to mention a few.

Take your time when shopping for a truck toolbox. Make sure you have all the necessary measurements of your truck bed, especially if you are planning to buy a crossover truck toolbox.

Do not settle for a cheap plastic truck toolbox if you can buy a more durable option. However, if you have a tight budget and you need a quality box, we advise you to settle for an aluminum truck toolbox (it is lightweight, rust-free, and affordable).

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