BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Reviews

The strange hiccup sounds that your car’s engine starts to make out of the blue is not pleasant at all. A lot of people tend to ignore this sound assuming it is just a clog, but it is actually a lot more than that.

This sound is worrisome because it points to one thing only, a blown head gasket.

A blown up head gasket fails to prevent leaks and these leaks give rise to smoke emissions and a hiccup sound in the engine. Most of us think about turning to mechanics right away to run an engine diagnosis and end up paying for the diagnosis and treating the head gasket which takes about $1500 to $2500+. That’s expensive.

There’s another cheap and more authentic way to repair a damaged head gasket. We speak of a head gasket sealer to solve the issue.

Since there are plenty of gasket sealers available, it can confuse a lot of drivers to pick one. We recommend to use the BlueDevil head gasket sealer as it packs a strong punch when it comes to sealing leaks, treat leaking radiators, repairing warped and cracked heads, treating leaking cores and increasing the engine’s life and efficiency.

The company is among some of the most well-known companies in the automotive autopart niche with reach to over 400 distribution centers. First established in 1997, BlueDevil has made a name by producing high-quality products which is why it is the first pick of many drivers and experts.

Every driver tries to avoid taking their vehicle to an auto shop since it’s a real money drainer. If your car’s engine is making sounds, there’s smoke rising from it or if you’re experiencing a temperature rise then it’s more likely a faulty gasket.

You don’t need to turn to an auto shop in this case. What you need is to use the Bluedevil head gasket.

Let’s have a look at the detailed BlueDevil head gasket sealer review and how it can leakages and other problems:

BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer To The Rescue

Now that we know what a head gasket is, how it is blown and what problems it can make, let’s have a look at how the Bluedevil head gasket can mend the damages in an easy way.

What Can The Blue Head Devil Gasket Do?

Unlike most sealers, BlueDevil gasket sealer doesn’t just seal leaks but does a lot more.

Seals Leaking Radiator

One of the major issues associated with a blown up gasket is a leaking radiator. A leaked radiator blows off steam and increases temperature. The BlueDevil head is manufactured to take care of this like a pro by sealing the leakage.

  1. Remove the radiator cap and pour the BlueDevil Sealer’s content directly into the cooling system.
  2. After this, change the radiator cap and turn the engine on.
  3. Within a few minutes, the sealer gets mixed into the cooling system and blocks any leaks that are in the radiator.

Repairs Cracked Radiator Head

Cracked Radiator Head
Cracked Radiator Head

Once the head gasket is damaged, too much of pressure begins to accumulate in the radiator which gets exerted onto the radiator head. Thus, cracking it. Depending on the pressure, the entire head may get cracked or just a part of the plastic above. In any case, a cracked radiator causes serious problems.

Cracked radiators leave a puddle of oil along the way, trigger engine heats up and emit smoke as well.

The job of a radiator is to ensure that the engine remains cool while operational but a cracked radiator can ruin that. When a radiator cracks, it prevents the right amount of coolant from entering the engine which is why the engine gets hot and emits thick smoke.

Cracked radiators are dangerous and must be repaired. The BlueDevil Head can take care of this problem as well.

  • Open the radiator head first and flush out the contents of the radiator using a hose.
  • Draining the radiator one time doesn’t excrete all the remains of the coolant which is why fill the radiator with water and drain.
  • Repeat the process thrice to clean the radiator.
  • Lift up the house and take out the thermostat so that the coolant you are about to add, goes in smoothly.
  • Now, refill the coolant system with coolant mixture and water and leave a bit of room for the BlueDevil head.
  • Leave the engine on, pour the sealer into the coolant system, and leave it idle for 50 minutes.
  • Now look for visible cracks on it. Make sure you clean off the dirt and grease first to have a good look.
  • Apply the sealer onto the places where you see cracks. This will bind the cracks and allow no more pressure to get trapped inside the cooling system.
  • Leave it for about an hour.

Contains No Harmful Contents

The product is free from harmful chemicals and will not cause any damage to the engine or other parts of your car.

How Long Does The BlueDevil Sealer Last?

The sealer lasts for more than 8 months and doesn’t overheat the engine at all. The spark plug looks clean with no remains of oil or mayonnaise like content. The temperature stays in range and the engine works smoothly.

This sealer can repair and seal heater cores and freeze plugs as well.

How To Use The Product?

  • Before using the product, you must first clean the coolant system. To do so, remove the thermostat and drain the contents from the bottom hose.
  • Now pour water and again drain the system thrice to remove remains of the old coolant.
  • Now fill the system with water but leave room for the BlueDevil to be poured in.
  • Take out the radiator cap and turn the engine on, with the heater to the max. This will help cool down the engine before you finally pour the BlueDevil.
  • Start pouring it slowly. Make sure you take at least a minute to pour the entire bottle. Once done, leave the engine on with cap on for 50 minutes.
  • Let the engine cool and then install a new thermostat.
  • Refill with antifreeze and go for a test drive.

Which is the Best Product?

While there are many options out there, our top pick is the BlueDevil Pour-N-Go Head Gasket Sealer. The product is easy to use and comes with a simple DIY formula. Perfect for 4 cylinder and v6 engines, this one permanently seals cracked, leaking and blown gaskets.

This one is made specifically for users with little to no knowledge about car engines.

Click bellow to watch the show in Stunning video quality and lightening fast speed


In which vehicles can this sealer be used?

It can be used in all the vehicles that contain a 4 or a 6 cylinder engine.

Does the sealer have side effects?

The best thing about this sealer is that it contains no harmful matter that can damage the engine, tubing or the content flowing through it. Hence, it has no side effects and can be used without any worries.

Is it necessary to remove the thermostat?

It is. This is because removing the thermostat allows the coolant to reach all the corners of the engine and seal cracks.

What if your car still gets hot after using the BlueDevil head sealer?

Flush out the system at least thrice. The reason your car isn’t working is because you didn’t flush the system from the old coolant. However, if the problem persists then take your car to a mechanic for a full inspection.

The Last Word

The Bluedevil head gasket sealer is a strong sealer which can increase the life of your car’s engine and help you save a lot of money on repairs.

Jack Harris

Jack Harris is a talented and advanced author, blogger, auto expert and senior technical consultant with Autosneed. He is a mechanical engineer who holds a Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) Level III certification and a Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT) Level II certification through the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML) and ASE Certified. After years of working as both an automotive journalist and a Ford factory technician, to say I live and breathe the automotive world could still be considered an understatement.

21 thoughts on “BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Reviews”

    • I purchased this product today for my daughters 1999 Honda CRV. I followed the instructions on the bottle to a tee…did not skip a step. Unlike the gentleman who explained how to put this product in…the bottle’s instructions are far more simple and say nothing about taking your thermostat out. In fact…about a third of what was said in the instructions here are NOT ON THE BOTTLE. So…i followed the bottles instructions and was allowing my daughters car to idle for 50 minutes while i cleaned some things on the outside of her car. About 40 minutes in i noticed a smell of radiator fluid and then noticed the car was red lining hot. I shut the car off and went over all i had done. I did everything i was supposed to…everything! I let it cool down all the way and then started it again. Sounded fine…looked fine…took it around the block and half way around it started heating up again. I shut it off. Did the same thing again…and…the same thing happened. Im thinking…could the thermostat be bad? Then the thermostat pull and HOLY HELL…it was completely clogged. I started looking for others who have used this product and wondered if anyone had experienced this. Low and behold…lots of people with the same stories and law suites.
      So…for anyone to post that this product is completely harmless to engines…ummmm…complete lies!
      Not only did this completely ruin the thermostat…but…the heater is no longer working and i fear more is wrong. Im taking it in to my honda mechanic tomorrow and will have every second of this documented.
      No matter what is said by the maker of this product…there are too many of us who have experienced the same things for it not to be true.
      I am a worship pastor at a church and do not take saying things about companies or products lightly…but this could actually destroy my finances and really screw things up for my daughter and her current job.
      I will find answers and Blue Devil…you will be held accountable for your product.

      • pour and go not the same thing,,,weaker version…perhaps you expected too much …based on your flawed diagnosis as a lay fixer?

  1. I used this product in my 1990 Toyota pickup with the 3.0 v6 and it almost killed the truck. I used it exactly as the instructions said and within 4 days my radiator and heater core were completely clogged. Bought a new radiator, flushed the system and can now drive the truck with no heat. I’m sorry I used this product.

    • I used blue devil in my 2006 lexus rx330 its been 7 months still running smooth, you have to follow directions to the T I have a 197k on it. I know it won’t last forever. I had a blown head gasket coolant level dropped while traveling. I recommend it

  2. Used as directed, clogged my radiator, destroyed thermostat and hoses. Company now will not even return an email, will not honor their money back guarantee. Company is a total fraud. Avoid at all costs. Complaint filed with BBB and found they have a very very long list of complaints. My bad for not doing my homework. Avoid their products at any cost.

  3. I have a 2000 323ci BMW or should I say I had one. It sounded like a bomb going off when the engine blew the second day after I put this crap in my radiator. I’m so lucky that I’m going to have to fight them to get my money back for the bottle of crap they sold me but won’t replace all the parts that blew apart and clogged up to see if I could save my engine. I would never recommend this product to anyone. Small claims court here we come.

    • Did you drain and flush out the old coolant then refill and add Blue Devil? Why would the product clog your car while working fine in thousands of other vehicles? Just wondering if your problem was unrelated to the product.

      • easy, because thousands of other vehicles it won’t work on, look at unbiased review sites… like Amazon and its reviews, it is near 50%, the reason is simple, there are types of repairs this won’t fix, there is a difference in the way it seals certain types of damage, so if you have say have a crack and it is very thin, you may get this stuff to crystalize on the surface and not wedge in the crack, then it flakes off and becomes a solid… get enough of them in the system you make a clog. Usually, the stuff in this is Sodium Silicate Solution, also known as Liquid Glass or Water Glass. This repair works only when the sodium silicate reaches its “conversion” temperature at 100–105°C. Contamination of engine oil is a serious possibility in situations in which a coolant-to-oil leak is present. Sodium silicate (glass particulate) contamination of lubricants is detrimental to their function.

  4. hey blue devil head gasket seal works amazzziiinggg!!!! I am able to drive my baby again without the headache of over heating and loosing coolant. see a few guys now on about 6 years used the blue devil sealer 😉 just follow directions to a T and good to go!!! it doesn’t cause any harm to engine as there are no harsh chems. the great part is if ya mess up or it does some how fail over time it is easy to redo and can be redone.

  5. I put a bottle of blue devil in my 2001 firebird because one day I checked my oil and it was looking a little bit milky so I change the oil and the filter and did not take the thermostat out I put the blue devil head gasket sealer and the radiator Crank it up and let it run for about a hour so the thermostat was open and the blue devil would flow through the entire engine and as of right now I’ve been driving the car for two or maybe three months with no problem no more milky oil on my oil stick it works great for my car

  6. Please take out the thermostat before you used this stuff. If you have a bad thermostat that won’t open up, it will mess your radiator and hoses up. That being said, this stuff works great when being applied the right way.

  7. i used half a bottle in my v6 windstar and it worked great sealing the exhaust steam cloud problem but the motor seems to have another issue that is the motor has an air intake sputter sound that appears to be either additional head gasket leak or cracked head soooo im gonna try putting the other half of the bottle in the cooling system with hopes of a successful outcome…

  8. put in the other half the bottle after flushing system three times and still running rough with gray smoke come out of exhaust.
    ive read other reviews where people had success after using 1 whole bottle at a time and also second and third bottles…
    idk maybe one more try using the whole bottle

  9. So for all the people Complaining about clogged radiators and instructions didn’t say anything about thermostat, please read this.

    There are 2 types of blue devil products. One is a litre bottle called a head gasket sealer. The other is called pour n go head gasket sealer and comes in a smaller bottle. Here is the catch – DO NOT USE the pour n go solution! Find the bigger bottle which is the regular head gasket sealer and this is what Blue Devil is known for! If you read the instructions before you buy it, it will ask you to remove your thermostat. Only buy this one and this has no harmful stuff in it as it is a 1hr treatment and you flush the system after so it doesn’t stay in the system. There are so many reviews on this product and people praise it so much.

    After this product became a hit, they launched the pour n go to capture the rest of the market which is actually mixed with the coolant. This only works for specific head gasket leaks like coolant going into the combustion chamber. If there is an oil leak or too much combustion gasses trapped in the cooling system, this thing will cure midway and clog different parts of your system, DO NOT USE the pour n go!


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