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Top 10 Best Gas Can Spout Solution

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If you are looking for the Best Gas Can Spout Solution, then any of these 10 would be a great choice for you.

Universal Gas Can Spout Replacement 5 Gal (4 Pack) Gas Can Nozzle Fits All Sizes Blitz, Scepter, Old Style Gas Cans, Includes Nozzles, and Vent Caps
  • A COMPLETE GAS CAN NOZZLE REPLACEMENT KIT. This kit includes 8 rings for different gas can treads, 4 gas can vent caps, 4 no spill gas can nozzle stoppers, and 4 gaskets. Fits all size gas cans and most well known brands including older style cans.
  • REPLACEMENT THE HASSLE OF NO SPILL SPOUTS These easy pour gas can spouts are made to replace the clunky no spill spouts that are often difficult to use. Use on gas cans like Blitz, Chilton, Scepter, Surecan, Ameri Can, Midwest, and more.
  • LEAK PROOF DESIGN. Made from high quality high-grade plastic, extra thick gaskets, coarse and fine thread base rings, and nozzle tips making these leak proof when being handled or transported.
  • FLEXIBLE NOZZLES FOR MANEUVERABILITY WHEN FILLING ANY MACHINE. These convenient flexible pour nozzles allows you to maneuver and point the nozzle towards directly onto the fuel filler tube of and gas tank minimizing messy spills.
  • WE STAND BY OUR PRODUCT. At Super Spouts we always stand by the quality and function of our products, are based in the USA, and back every purchase with a no questions asked money back guarantee.
A+ Universal Gas Can Spout Replacement Kit, Water Jug Or Gas Can Spout, Update Your Old Can, 5 Pack
  • High Quality: The Gas Can Spout Kit are made of high strength ABS plastic, which are bendable and durable.
  • Easier to Pour: The Gas Can Nozzle flexible design bends up to 90 degrees, You can adjust the angle to pour gas into tank simply and easily
  • No More Spilling: This Flexible Pour Nozzle with Gasket, When you pouring the liquid, you will never spill gas all over yourself and your equipment again, Save fuel at the same time
  • All You Need: Package includes: 5* White Spouts with rubber gasket, 5 * Spout Caps, 10 *Screw Collar Cap (5 yellow and 5 Black), 5 * Black Rear Stripe Cap.
  • USA LOCAL SELLER , Quality Guarantee
EZ-POUR B00YP3YTXM Gas Can Replacement Spout – Multi Use Deluxe Gas Can 1, 2, 5 Gallon Hi-Flo System with Extension, Gas Can Nozzle, Flexible Gas Can Spout for Jerry can
  • Long Flexible Universal Spout - EZ Pour Gas Can Spout is a sturdy choice, made with an extra-dense material, something that will not get brittle and crack in the cold. This single spout is designed to ensure a fast flow, letting you spend less time in the cold and saving your time.
  • Lightweight And Durable - This gas can spout is lightweight and durable. You can easily attach it to most any gas and water cans for keeping spare gasoline or completing chores for your home or farm. With this gas spout kit, you can have your old gas cans feeling new. This kit is a unique spout, one 8 inch HI-FLO spout and another 8" Spout Extension for those hard-to-reach tanks. A 1/2” replacement push-in vent, filter screen, and second base cap to fit additional cans are also included.
  • Resilient And High-Quality Material - This universal kit includes one 8 inch HI-FLO Spout and one 8 inch extension. It does everything it says it will without a struggle.
  • Comes With Everything You Need - A universal gas can spout, and it comes with one 8 inch HI-FLO Spout and one 8 inch extension and the necessary accessories to hook them up. Yes, that includes the vents and screw caps. These spouts are great and will work on most cans.
  • Made From Extra Dense Material - We are focused on providing a wide range of gas can spouts and other components. Meant to be compatible with most all cans, one of our most sought-after products is the EZ-Pour Replacement Gas Can Spouts.
EZ-POUR B06WRRXG1X Gas Can Spout Replacement - Deluxe Gas Can 5 Gallon Hi-Flo System with Gas Can Nozzle, Flexible Gas Can Spout, Vent Kit, Water Jug Update Your Old Jerry Can spout
  • Long Flexible Spout - EZ Pour Gas Can Spout is a sturdy choice, made with an extra-dense material, something that won’t go brittle and crack in the cold. This single spout is designed to ensure a fast flow, letting you spend less time in the cold and more time using the fuel.
  • Lightweight And Durable - This gas can spout lightweight and durable. You can easily attach it to any gas and water cans for keeping spare gasoline to carrying out chores around the house. With this gas spout kit, you can update your old gas can. This kit comes with two unique spouts, one a regular spout and another Vent Kit 8" Spout Extension For Those Hard To Reach Tanks.
  • Unbreakable And High-Quality Material - This kit includes two spouts. It’s an excellent product. It does come with vents, which is a major plus for everyone that hates spill-proof tanks’ limitations. It does everything it says it will without a struggle.
  • Comes With Everything You Need - A gas can spout, and it comes with a total of two spouts and the necessary goods to hook them up. Yes, that includes the vents and screw caps. These spouts are great and will work on most cans.
  • Perfect For Tight Spaces - This is another flexible spout, and yes, it is. This spout comes with a reducer tip. That reducer tip can be convenient if you need to add fuel in an incredibly narrow opening.
KP KOOL PRODUCTS Retail Pack Flexible Replacement Gas Spout with 2 Screw Collar Caps(1 Fine & 1 Coarse - Fits Most Of The Cans), 2 Base Caps, 1 Stopper Cap and 1 Stainless Steel Filter/Flame Arrestor.
  • Made of Superior Plastic material with lifetime warranty. No other spout kit in the market can beat this quality. Let's hit the roads & transform your old can with this FLEXIBLE REPLACEMENT GAS CAN SPOUT that can transfer fluids easily. Kool Products Gas Can Spout Replacement prevents you from spills by making it easy to bend the spout to reach any direction.
  • Includes 8.70" Flexible long spout which is super flexible unlike other spouts available. Our Gas Can Spout helps get rid of inconveniences while travelling. Our Universal Gas Can Spout is providing our customers to make their transport safe & comfortable.
  • Includes lot of accessories such as Stainless Steel False arrestor/Filter solid particles and prevent any serious damage. Our Blitz Gas Can Spout Replacement allows the Fuel flows out smoothly without using any over-engineered anti-spill devices. Our 5 Gallon Gas Can Spout is the best way to stop fuel shortcomings.
  • 2 screw collar caps (fine and coarse threads - both collars have an inside dimension of 1 3/4") to use on most of the cans. Please check your container outside thread diameter before you place an order. One of the great ways to transform your old gas cans with a new touch. There's no reason to put away the rusty cans when you have a 5 Gallon Gas Can Nozzle Replacement from Kool Products.
  • For Vent Plug, Please drill a 1/2" Hole Into the Can & Then Push The Vent Into The Hole. This Is The Best Gas Can/Water Jug Spout Kit available in North America. Install this No Spill Gas Can Spout Replacement on your old gallon or gas containers & use it for backup generators when the power goes out or for other vehicles when they are out of the fuel. Our universal gas can spout never allow the single drop of the spill.
Replacement Gas Can Spout Kit with Vent
  • NOTE: Universal Fit: Comes with 2 different base caps compatible with most plastic gas cans. Otherwise simply use the original ring >>>> Chilton & No-Spill brand require an additional adapter.
  • Fuel simply and easily flows out without using any over-engineered anti-spill devices.
  • Equipped with a filter screen /flame arrestor.
  • End cap screws securely to the end of the nozzle rather than simply push on.
  • The kit includes a vent so that fuel flows out easily and evenly.
Gas Can Spout Replacement, Gas Can Nozzle ,(6 Kit-Yellow)suitable for most 1/2/5/10 gal oil cans. Durable. The thickened oil gas can cap and thickened gasket will give Update your old gas can
  • Gas Can Spout Replacement kit,Suitable for most 1/2/5/10 gallon oil cans, We provide 12 threaded collar caps 6 Coarse Thread & 6 Fine Thread . As shown in the picture The internal thread size is 1-3/4--1.7in , It can only be used for gas tanks with a tank mouth size of 1.75in. Please measure your oil tank mouth size before purchasing.
  • High-quality materials, These gas can nozzle replacement parts are made of high-quality HDPE materials,In use, you can bend freely without breaking.Thicker and widened rubber gaskets,Can better fit the bottle cap,Prevent liquid leakage when refueling.
  • Anti-overflow design,(Special Attention: As shown in the figure, the screw cap of the gas con spout cap is hexagonal)The spout tube and the spout cap are threaded, and the spout cap has a rubber sealing ring inside. Tighten the spout cap after use. There will be no oil overflow even in the case of transportation or the tank is down.
  • Can cover more oil cans, we provide two oil cans with vent caps,(gas con vent caps-A is used for oil cans without a vent at the end of the oil can,All you need is a simple drilling and installation and you are ready to use.) (gas con vent caps-B is used for another oil can with a vent cap at the tail , Can replace old vent caps.)
  • Simple to install,Each set of products includes,12 Screw Collar Caps(6 Coarse Thread & 6 Fine Thread) 6 yellow Spouts and rubber gaskets, 6 nozzle caps with threads,2 kinds of gas con vent caps . And the drill bit needed to install the gas con vent caps . During the installation and use process, if you need assistance, you can contact us, and we will serve you as quickly as possible.
EZ-POUR Rigid Spout Replacement and Vent kit for Water Jugs and Pre-2009 Gas Cans - Update your Old Cans | Includes Spout, Cap, Replacement Vent, Flame Arrestor, & Secondary Base Cap
  • DURABLE SPOUT: The rigid spout replacement is durable, and it can fit most water jugs and older gas can models. Additionally, it is lightweight therefore making it easier to carry. Finally, it is made from high-quality plastic, meaning it is less likely to break and this resistance means a longer life span.
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE: The rigid spout replacement and vent kit is a complete package. You won't need to buy another spout cap separately! The whole package includes a spout, cap, replacement vent, flame arrestor, gasket and secondary base cap.
  • NO MORE FUEL SPILLAGE: Our rigid spout replacement comes with a sturdy cap that allows you to transport or store fuel easily. If you are looking to update your old water jug or gas can, update it today with an EZ-POUR rigid spout replacement and vent kit, and no need to worry about any fuel spillage.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Our EZ-POUR rigid spout replacement and vent kit is a perfect fit for most water jugs and pre-2009 gas cans such as Blitz, Briggs Stratton, Eagle, Essence, Gott, Igloo, Midwest, Rubbermaid, and Scepter cans, and many others. Due to its high compatibility, you don't need to change the spout type when using a different gas can every time, your time spent is important to us!
  • UPDATE YOUR OLD GAS CANS: With the EZ-POUR rigid spout replacement and vent kit, you don't have to go through the trouble of replacing your old can. Instead, you can bring your old gas can back to its new condition with our spout replacement and vent kit for easy storage and transportation of fuel.
"JERRY CAN METAL SPOUT w/built in Metal Screen incl Gasket & Spout Cap" HEAVY DUTY Army Surplus Military USMC BLITZ Gallon Gas G Jerrycan Flexible Pouring Fuel Nozzle Brand NewCan not included
  • FITS ON YOUR BLITZ USMC 5 GALLON METAL GAS CAN: The Flex Jerrycan Spout fits a 2 1/4 width threaded opening and has a 12 1/2 inch Steel Flexible Spout with a filter screen on end.
  • WITH FILTER SCREEN: The Filter Screen on end is a great added part to this spout as it helps to keep small debris from entering your vehicle or equipments fuel tank.
  • BLITZ VINTAGE STYLE GAS SPOUT: These Replacement Parts are hard to find and considered obsolete due to New Government Regulations. Buy a few to keep on hand to Save your old gas can from the landfill.
  • GAS CANS & CALIPER NOT INCLUDED: Please double check your requirements prior to purchase to ensure getting the right part the 1st time. Not all gas can parts are interchangeable between brands. These parts do not fit any other can other than what has been specified above.
  • NOTE: This spout will NOT fit the newer NATO Cans that were manufactured from around 2009 to the present. EPA regulations have made manufacturers change the size of their can and the diameter of the hole is slightly larger.


The article ends here, detailing the best gas can spout solution. However, the best option for each person will vary depending on their individual needs and preferences. But here, the products we have listed above, have great features and are highly rated by customers. So, I hope that it may have helped you finalize your decision to choose the best one for you.

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